Drivenet 1664

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Drivenet 1664 is the most advanced rack-mountable controller unit. Drivenet is available in 180-240 Vac 50-60 Hz power supply and 100-240 Vac 50-60 Hz power supply. 100-240 has been developed to power LED projectors working in under water installations - such as swimming pools where safety regulations request 24 V DC max voltage. 

Drivenet 1664 introduces a series of cutting edge features:

  • 64 output channels individually programmable (16 groups, 4 channels each)
  • Unit controlled via RDM/DMX512 protocol or Art-Net protocol (with optional interface)
  • The current can be set between 200ma - 700ma per channel to suit individual load requirements.
  • Touch-screen colour display for managing any function
  • Adaptable operating software
  • Fitted with screw terminal connectors

Drivenet 1664 can control a vast range of DTS LED projectors and it can also control any other current-driven LED projector matching the unit output specifications.

Please see Product Manual and Product Data Sheet below for more technical information.

Product Manual

Product Data Sheet

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